Angela Cunningham: 5 Day Traditional Figure Drawing Workshop

by Matthew Innis |

In this 5 day workshop students will draw the Figure from observation in graphite. Emphasis will be placed on accuracy of Block-in and Form Modeling Value. We will spend the first few days understanding and practicing the visual tools of blocking-in. Students will develop their comparative measuring and shape-seeing abilities. Spending time and focusing on block-ins in a traditional academic training method that allows one to fine tune foundational skills for high accuracy.

In the form modeling stage students are introduced to the conceptual principles of light on form. They are taught the pitfalls of purely visual observation and are introduced to a more conceptual way of seeing. Each student will get a chance to organize a strategic method of thought and process to develop a clear approach to modeling three-dimensional form. This will be a 5 day long pose drawing. Students will learn patience, focus, accuracy, and observational detail. Students can expect to walk away with a good grasp of a systematical approach and a highly studied drawing. Instructor will give demos through out the week and will advise each student one on one. Beginner and experienced students are welcome.


Who: Angela Cunningham

Where: Alia Fine Art Studios, Raleigh (NC)

When: November 1 – 5, 2017

Cost: $625.00

Alia Fine Art Studios

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