Jon De Martin: 5 Day Figure Drawing and Painting Master Workshop

by Matthew Innis |

Jon De Martin

5 Day Figure Drawing and Painting Master Workshop

July 31 – August 4, 2017 (5 days)


The basis of the workshop is building a solidly constructed three-dimensional figure using line as preparation for the modeling of form with light & shadow. The instructor endeavors to build a foundation of knowledge, so the artist can look for things as opposed to looking at things. The underlying goal is to give artists a deep understanding and appreciation of how line can create three- dimensional volumes in space. This enhances and strengthens their work whether it is drawing, painting or sculpture.

During the long pose, students key on the most important objectives for each phase of the figure’s development, beginning with the “action” and ending with the “modeling of form.”

Students who wish to draw will work on white or toned paper with pencil, chalk, or charcoal. Students who wish to paint will work either in monochrome or color, depending on experience. Our goal is to draw a well- proportioned and constructed figure that shows a secure understanding of the models surface and its relation to light & shade. Lectures and demonstrations will be given to lead the students through each step, with a clear and logical process of drawing and painting.

For most of the mornings, the instructor will review the materials and objectives for the day and will give demonstrations to illustrate the principles at each phase of the work. In the afternoons, the students will work on their projects. The instructor will be available for individual critiques.

Day 1- AM: Review materials and procedure for drawing the head and the figure. Emphasis will be on gesture (vital), proportion, and linear three- dimensional construction.

Day 2- AM: Demonstration on constructing and modeling the figure on toned paper. The open grisaille will also be introduced for painters.

Day 3-AM: We will review the value scale and study the behavior of light and its relationship to form through a demonstration of the closed grisaille.

Day 4-AM: Introduction to the color wheel and how it relates to the human figure’s flesh palette. Palette preparation and the 1st painting (ebauche).

Day 5-AM: The 2nd painting, or second pass, towards the finish. A discussion of the qualities of alla-prima painting and indirect painting. Final critiques.

Who: Jon De Martin

Where: Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier, San Carlos (CA)

When: July 31 – August 4, 2016

Cost: $750

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