Robert Liberace: Studies in Light – Exploring Sorolla

by Matthew Innis |


Studies in Light: Exploring Sorolla

Date: August 28-31, 2017

Cost: $895 plus model fee

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

This workshop explores the great Spanish artist Joaquin Sorolla and his unique and dynamic approach to painting. Students look at and practice Sorolla’s special manner of paint handling and color approach. Using bold modern colors, students learn the different characteristics of his highly chromatic palette. This workshop includes the study of the portrait and figure, both costumed and nude.

Internationally recognized artist, workshop instructor and author, Robert Liberace will focus on exploring the dynamic power of Sorolla’s brush stroke.

Who: Robert Liberace

Where: Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio, Langley, (WA)

When: August 28 – 31, 2017

Cost: $895 plus model fee

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