New Workshops Added!

by Matthew Innis |

This week, more than 30 new workshops were added to the Workshop Bulletin Board, and there are many more to come.  If you are looking to take a class with a favorite artist, or are just looking to challenge yourself with a different style or medium, now is a great time to enroll.  Make sure to check them out;  you never know when, where, and with which teacher you may find inspiration!

And don’t forget, if you are offering a workshop of your own, or just want to share a workshop listing for which you’ve already signed up, you can always submit the information via the “Add Your Event Button” at the bottom of the page.

Newly Added Workshop Instructors Include

Julie Beck

Jon DeMartin

Kerry Dunn

Stephen Early

Frank Eber

Aimee Erickson

Chad Fisher

Sean Forrester

Robin Frey

Natalie Italiano

Peter Kelsey

Darren Kingsley

JaFang Lu

Christina Mastrangelo

Iliya Mirochnik

Teresa Oaxaca

Steven Perkins

Stan Prokopenko

Diane Rappisi

Carlo Russo

Dan Schultz

Rebecca Tait

James Tennison

Dan Thompson

Garrett Vitanza

Lea Colie Wight


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