Delaware Art Museum: Howard Pyle’s Murals

by Matthew Innis |

1998-207-Pyle-Mural-2HOWARD PYLE MURALS
August 14, 2015 – December 31, 2020

Beginning in August 2015, the complete set of nine mural panels painted by Howard Pyle (1853 – 1911) for the drawing room of his home at 907 Delaware Avenue, Wilmington, Delaware will be semi-permanently installed in one of the Vinton Illustration galleries on the second floor of the Museum. Two of the panels were on view during the retrospective of Pyle’s work at the Museum in fall 2011. Over the last two years, Mark Bockrath, of Barbara Buckley Associates has continued the conservation process, cleaning each of the nine panels in preparation for this display. The complete set of murals has not been on view since the 1930s.

BAB1413_AT1 BAB1414_AT1

Pyle began work on the murals in 1903 and his interest in mural painting mirrored the growing national trend. Within a few years he would devote his work entirely to mural painting, traveling to Florence to study Renaissance examples. The murals on display at the Museum represent Pyle’s earliest attempt at mural painting.

Where: Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington (DE)

When: August 14, 2016 – December 31, 2020

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