Nature’s Cadence: Paintings by Clyde Aspevig

by Matthew Innis |


His beautiful oils, which capture every season in every guise, are exceptional examples of contemporary landscape painting in the representational mode.  Viewers are often overwhelmed by the beauty and emotional associations of his subject matter, becoming increasingly amazed by the realization upon close viewing that Aspevig’s compelling realities are indeed crafted from paint.

The places Aspevig depicts are geographically specific at the same time that they express glorious, universal ideas about the power, color, feeling, and importance of untouched land.  The artist gives credit to early teachers such as Ben Steele, but is largely self-taught through his own research into the history of art and the methods of its masters.  Aspevig’s attention to the craft of painting and to the goal of conveying pure beauty is a lifelong pursuit that he has developed without regard to art world fashion.


Where: Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings (MT)

When: March 22 – July 8, 2018

Yellowstone Art Museum

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