Bill Farnsworth: From the Field to the Studio

by Bill |


Bill Farnsworth will teach a 4-day Oil Painting Plein Air/ Studio Workshop this summer.

For two days students will paint on location Plein Air and two days in the studio. In the field Bill will show students how to choose, edit, and capture the essence of a scene.

Back in the studio students will work from studies and photos. Bill will talk about the advantages and pitfalls with photography in the studio environment. This workshop will offer a full understanding of why artists paint outside and how they assemble the information in the studio.

Bill will demo every morning in the field and the studio to take students through a step by step process of how he builds a painting.

Strong emphasis will be on good values, shapes, and color temperature.

Who: Bill Farnsworth

Where: Brown County Art Gallery, Nashville, (IN)

When: August 6 – 9, 2018

Cost: $500

Brown County Art Gallery

Cost: $500

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