David Shevlino: Alla prima figure and portrait painting

by Carles Gomila |


Who is this workshop for?
This workshop is for you if you feel cornered by the excessive restrictions of classical techniques.

You see, the truth is that we all feel more comfortable taking shelter inside a method. We cling to recipes because we are afraid of failing, and we feel sheltered when we follow a step-by-step procedure…

However, you may feel that this directed security destroys your ability to express yourself freely. It’s always the same: taking it too seriously ends up inhibiting your desire to unleash your personal vision.



So classical training is good… as long as it does not intimidate you too much! When that happens, you try to contain your impulses within the possibilities offered by the method. But this may be too limited for your expectations.

If you admit the need to release your brushstroke and feel the tingling of letting yourself be carried away by your emotional impulses, David Shevlino is your teacher.

We recommend this workshop if you want to give fluidity and unity to your paintings, while you get more out of the spontaneity and intuition that you carry inside.



What will you learn?
David Shevlino will teach you the methods and concepts he uses in his personal work, clarifying all the principles while doing live demonstrations. Then you will have the opportunity to show off and apply what you have learned while correcting you.

You will perfect your technique by painting “wet on wet”, integrating background and figure with more fluidity. You will also acquire the necessary notions to not fear the error, and use it as part of your creative process.



David Shevlino will change the way you look at the model, becoming more unconcerned about the subject and giving you permission to try new things beyond mere accuracy. So take a deep breath and keep in mind that you should leave some habits buried in Menorca.

If you are a hardworking student and have solid notions of drawing and oil painting, you will find a way to reconcile figuration and abstraction. You will learn to paint more loosely and to abstract form in a more efficient way.

If you are a newbie, David Shevlino will give you a good push and you will notice a big change as for the economy of the brushstroke and the capacity for abstraction. Of course, do not forget to keep practicing and studying the class notes for a while to back up all the ideas well.


Who: David Shevlino

Where: Menorca Pulsar, Island of Menorca (ES)

When: October 14 - 20, 2019

Cost: Starting at 1.745€

Menorca Pulsar

Cost: Starting at 1.745€


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