Garrett Vitanza: Portrait Drawing with Chalk and Charcoal

by Matthew Innis |

(Pierre-Paul Prud’Hon)

Portrait Drawing with Chalk and Charcoal – 3 Spots left!!

July 24-28 (5 days, Limit 10 students)
9:30 to 4:30 (1 hour lunch break)
Instructor: Garrett Vitanza

Portraiture  poses a uniques set of problems such as proportion, anatomical credibility, and likeness. This workshop will offer a straightforward approach on tackling these fundamental challenges, as well as more complex aspects such as composition and lighting.

Graphite and white chalk on toned paper offer an expedient and  holistic  approach to rendering form from life. Lectures, demonstrations, and one on one instruction will ensure a comprehensive working environment for all students.

There are no prerequisites for this class and is suitable for people of all skill and experience levels.

Who: Garrett Vitanza

Where: Academy of Realist Art, Boston (MA)

When: July 24 – 28, 2017

Cost: $750

Cost: $750

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