John MacDonald: The Dynamic Landscape

by Matthew Innis |

The Dynamic Landscape

A Three Day Workshop, August 7-9, 2017, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm  (please note: deposits for waiting list)

This three-day workshop will focus on the process of using photographs, sketches, and/or plein air studies executed on location to create dynamic paintings in the studio. We will explore the uses and limitations of photographs as reference material and methods of enlarging studies and sketches for larger studio paintings.

This class will take participants through the entire process of creating a strong landscape painting: from building an effective composition to working with value and color and, finally, to finishing with sensitively chosen details.  An emphasis will be placed on proper seeing–looking closely at the existing color and tonal relationships–and on understanding and manipulating what is seen. We will be working with the basic elements of painting, seeing them anew and in ways that can improve the craft of your painting. Each day will begin with a brief lecture and demo. The remainder of the day will be spent painting with one-on-one instruction.

Approach to instruction: I focus on the basics of painting and the principles and techniques of plein air landscape painting. I also encourage students to find their authentic voice and learn what it means to paint like them, rather than simply copying how I paint. I begin a daily session with a lecture, followed by a demo, then work individually with the participants as they work on their paintings, finishing each day with a brief critique.

Several weeks prior to the workshop, each participant will be emailed a pdf containing the material which we’ll be covering in the workshop and a complete description of my approach to painting landscapes. Participants will be expected to have read the pdf (35+ pages) before the workshop begins. A recommended list of materials will also be included.  Advanced beginners (basic drawing skills)

Fee: $345. members, $375. non-members

Who: John MacDonald

Where: Wethersfield Academy for the Arts, Wethersfield (CT)

When: Augus 7 – 9, 2017

Cost: $375

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