Max Ginsburg: Painting from Life

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Max will demonstrate painting procedures and individually critique students work daily. In this workshop we will carefully observe the poetry and uniqueness of the reality (model) we are painting. Attention will be given to Design, Proportion, Values, Color and the mixing of cool and warm colors, and the use and care of materials.

Max will discuss concepts, expression of concepts, contemporary realism and the painting of the Old Masters.

Day 1. Head Studies
Day 2. Figure Studies
Day 3. The Portrait
Day 4. Painting the Figure
Day 5. Painting a Figure Composition

Who: Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio

Where: Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio, Whidbey Island (WA)

When: May 17 – 21, 2018

Cost: 850.00

Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio

Cost: 850.00

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