Mike Kowalski: Bring the Light Inside

by Aleksandr Zolotarevskiy |

Mike is well known for his ability to depict a feeling of light in his painting. Painting light effects can be a challenge in the studio. In the workshop, we will spend one day sketching and painting outside getting a first-hand look at the effects of light on the water or under shadow. The next day we will take our source material, work on composition and painting skills to produce watercolors brimming with light in the studio!

Day one: The class will head down to the waterfront to capture a scene near the shore. Using sketchbook, camera, and watercolor to gather the information a good painting requires. The afternoon should allow us to explore a second subject nearby.

Day two: Taking our sketches, and photos from the first day we will work on composition to get our paintings headed in the right direction. The rest of the day will be spent working on our paintings with personal instruction.

Who: Mike Kowalski

Where: Winslow Art Center, Bainbridge Island, (WA)

When: August 25, 2018 - August 26, 2018

Cost: $300

Winslow Art Center

Cost: $300

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