Online Weekly Class: Portrait and Figure Painting w/ a Limited Palette

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Practicing Alla Prima painting helps us gain the ability to work with efficiency and precision. We will work with a combination of paintings, photos and models. Each student will receive individual critique and instruction each session. Since simplicity is one of the goals, we will be using a limited palette. We will focus on 4 main aspects of a portrait: Proportion, Value, Color, and Edge. Practicing this way month after month leads to greater confidence and mastery

This class will be taught online using Zoom. When you register you will be sent instructions and login info for joining the call.

Space is limited to 27 virtual easels.

Who: Dominique Medici

Where: Online

When: September 2, 2020 - September 30, 2020

Cost: 250.00

Dominique Medici Online Classes

Cost: 250.00

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