Carlo Russo: Painting Flowers Successfully

by Matthew Innis |

In this 4 day class will focus on painting the floral still life in oils. Florals can be a daunting subject and we will try to make sense of the the beautiful forms which have fascinated and frustrated artists for centuries. Since flowers and plants tend to move from day to day and even hour to hour the students will draw and paint directly on the canvas with the brush only. The focus will be on capturing the essentials of the still life and finishing areas wet in to wet. Carlo will give frequent demonstrations and critique as we explore the unique nature of flowers and plants in paint.

  • Materials list – Carlo Russo Floral Workshop
    Please note that the brushes and canvas are required for this class. All paint colors are highly recommended as many of them cannot be adequately substituted.
    Brushes- Rosemary and Company
    Synthetic Botanical Set – Required gift-sets/brushsets/michaelklein set?filter_name=klein
    Masters choice long filberts and flats, sizes 2 and 4 (long handles) –  At least one size is required
    Series 91 Pure Sable Filbert, sizes 4 and 6 (long handles) – At least one size is required
    Ebony Filberts, sizes 2, 4, 6 (long handles) – At least one size is required
    In addition please bring an assortment of other brushes you may have in your collection.
  • These are my recommended brands.You may substitute other brands if you like but please avoid student grade paints such as Winton, Georgian etc. Please bring all of the colors listed.
    Titanium White – Winsor & Newton
    Cadmium Lemon – Winsor & Newton
    Cadmium Yellow Pale – Winsor & Newton
    Cadmium Yellow Deep – Rembrandt
    Yellow Ochre Light – Winsor & Newton
    Cadmium Orange – Winsor & Newton
    Transparent Red Oxide – Rembrandt
    Cadmium Red Light – Gamblin or Winsor & Newton
    Cadmium Red Deep – Winsor & Newton
    Alizarin Permanent – Gamblin
    Ultramarine Blue – Winsor & Newton
    Cobalt Blue – Winsor & Newton
    Pthalo Blue – Gamblin or Winsor & Newton
    Ivory Black – Winsor & Newton
    Quinacridone Magenta – Winsor & Newton
    Canvas– Required
    This is the linen I use. It is required so please order ahead of time so you
    receive your linen in time for the class. I would recommend purchasing
    enough for several paintings. I would recommend purchasing a sheet of at
    least 24×24”. A 24”x36” sheet should give you a little extra linen for several
    paintings. You may also purchase by the yard if you so desire. Order the
    CARLO RUSSO PRIMING“. This is his finest weave linen which comes
    pre-primed with lead and titanium priming. Tell him I sent you, please.
    AE canvas Priming, NY
    Angel Del la Cruz , phone# 718-665-3814 email:
    Turpenoid or Gamsol only please (both are odorless solvents)
    Stand Oil and Terpenoid 50/50 mix
    Artists Tape
    Small hand held mirror
    Palette, I use the a New Wave wood palette.
    2 small palette cups for solvents
    paper towels

Who: Carlo Russo

Where: DebKArt Home Studios, Ashburn (VA)

When: April 6 – 9, 2017

Cost: 495.00

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