Peter Kelsey: Emerging Artists 2017 Summer Youth Program, Week Three: Advanced Portraiture: The Long Pose

by Matthew Innis |
Emerging Artists 2017 Summer Youth Program, Week Three: Advanced Portraiture: The Long Pose
Instructor: Peter Kelsey
July 17 — July 21, 2017
Time: 9 a.m.– 4 p.m.
Tuition: $1,350 for three-week program ($499 for individual week)


Week three of the workshop will build on the concepts taught in week 2. The process of building a painting will be covered. Students will work on one pose for the duration of this week. Days one and two will be used to create studies for the final long pose portrait. Day 3 the long pose will begin. Daily discussions and demonstrations will be conducted by the instruction to thoroughly explain the process of building a painting and the objectives of the day.

A 3 hour duotone portrait: This exercise will focus on gesture, drawing accuracy, anatomy and form Using grisaille and flesh color. Concepts covered in week two will be reviewed: light and shadow terminator etc.
3 hour color Study: Discussion and demo will cover the temperature and effect of light and color
Long pose begins: final painting commences. Demo will show how to begin a longer painting. By the end of the day students should have an open grisaille.
Color will be introduced to student’s grisaille. Demo will show the difference between color study and long pose painting. Students will refer to their color studies for this stage of the painting. Color relationships will be established in students ‘paintings. Drawing accuracy will be emphasized. Students will also begin to build large form at this stage.
Afternoon Museum Visit – Barnes Foundation
Big color relationships and drawing accuracy will be reexamined. Form will be further developed and smaller shapes and drawing information will be established to set the painting up for the final day.
Resolving the painting: Larger forms will be further broken down to smaller shapes. Form accuracy will be emphasized. Accents will be established with the whole of the painting in mind. The goal for the end of the workshop will be solidly constructed portrait paintings.


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Who: Peter Kelsey

Where: Studio Incamminati, Philadelphia (PA)

When: July 17 – 21, 2017

Cost: $1,350 for three-week program ($499 for individual week)

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