Stephanie Deshpande: Chiaroscuro Still Life Painting

by Matthew Innis |

In this four-day workshop, students will learn how to create a dramatic still life using chiaroscuro. Stephanie will demonstrate how to use light and shadow to increase the emotional impact and add drama to the subject matter. The focus will be on mastering the indirect painting method, using glazing and scumbling, to create a beautiful oil painting by the end of the workshop.

Stephanie will explain the process of painting from life with a series of demonstrations and individual critiques. She will illustrate how to block in the composition directly on the canvas, measure main landmarks, and mass in large value areas. The importance of comparing values, measuring, finding edges, and looking for color relationships will also be discussed.

Participants are encouraged to bring in objects with sentimental value or intriguing figurines to help bring their painting to life.

Who: Stephanie Deshpande

Where: Scottsdale Artists’ School, Scottsdale (AZ)

When: May 7 – 10, 2018

Cost: 450.00

Scottsdale Artists' School

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