Ted Seth Jacobs: Painting & Drawing Master Workshop

by Matthew Innis |

Ted Seth Jacobs – 5 Week Master Workshop

Drawing and Painting from the live Model, Casts, And Drapery.

May 29 – June 30th , 2017

Limited Concentrated small class  

Email us if you’re interested to join our workshop. 

Ecole Albert Defois

Les Cerqueux sous Passavant
49310 France 

Hours 1:00 p.m -6:00 p.m Instruction and model time

Course description

Instruction will be in the form of demonstrations, accompanied by explanations of the principles being demonstrated, and as much individual critique as you can absorb. Explanations will be phrased in simple easy to understand language. No sophisticated- sounding but semantically dubious university- speak.

The principles are rather simple ideas, but they may be new to you.  What is complicated however is that there are a lot of them, and they all must be harmonized and coordinated together. There are two categories of the most important principles- Light and forms. Without light all is darkness, forms are invisible. Without forms to reflect it, light too is invisible. To suggest what the eyes are transmitting then, we need a comprehensive understanding of the effects and actions of light, and a very extensive knowledge of human structure.
The actions and effects of light will be analyzed. They seem to be consistent, logical, and coherent. I see a lot of erroneous information out there about how light works.

I believe that the treatment of the structure of organic human forms and the effects of actions upon them has not previously been taught in such detail.

We will study what appears to be the amazingly “designed” character of Nature’s human forms.  Yes, the subject is vast, but in 5 weeks intensive I can show you what there is to learn and how to represent it. At the end of the session I want you to leave on a higher level.  Your job will be to keep a very open attitude, pay close attention, and never to hesitate to ask if you need clarification. It’s very exciting to learn new things!

I hope you will join us,


* This workshop is geared for the independent artist and traveler. We will screen each student to be sure that its a good fit.
Housing, travel and transportation arrangements are solely the responsibility of each student. We can offer suggestions but we are not responsible for the logistics of each student. You will need a car to get around. The location of this workshop is in a rural rustic environment. The purpose of this workshop is to offer the opportunity to study with a world class master of art Ted Seth Jacobs.

Who: Ted Seth Jacobs

Where: Ecole Albert Defois, Bellevue, Les Cerqueux sous Passavant (FR)

When: May 29 – June 30th , 2017

Cost: $3150


Cost: $3150

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