Teresa Oaxaca: The Portrait in Charcoal

by Matthew Innis |

An intensive portrait workshop where students will learn to work with charcoal, white chalk and brushes to create a quick likeness.

Students will work sight size from a live model and Teresa will walk participants through the posing and lighting of the subject and the set up of drawing boards and tools. Live demos will be given to demonstrate how one constructs a 2D likeness using light and shade. Some discussion terms of the class will include sight-size measuring, line and gesture, chiaroscuro (learning to see patterns of light and shade), form modeling, half tones and highlights, massing of tone, terminator/core line of the shadows, basic anatomy, and how to render detail without loosing form or overall harmony. Emphasis on transitions and articulation of the form will be discussed, as well as gesture and line expression/calligraphy.

Who: Teresa Oaxaca

Where: Studio West, 67 West Street, Brooklyn, (NYC)

When: March 11 – 13, 2017

Cost: 550.00



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