The Rome Apprenticeship with Charles Weed (June)

by Matthew Innis |

Sign up for the Rome Apprenticeship with Charles Weed and be a part of a new kind of ongoing, oil painting workshop. For four days every two months, Charles will come to Rome to work with students who wish to develop beyond the techniques of direct painting and into the realm of building an oil painting over time.

Those who can attend all three/four dates will get the most out of the experience, but it is not a necessity. Regardless of when a student begins, each will follow the same regimen.

Specifics on the anticipated experience are best summarized by Charles Weed himself:

“Essentially, this ongoing workshop will explore some of the material and optical possibilities inherent in oil painting, in conjunction with the indispensable process of recording the retinal impression of Nature and without recourse to any specific formula. The focus will not be on producing “finished” paintings; given the time, this may or may not be possible, but to treat oil painting as the making of a potentially complex thing. Our investigations will include ways of anticipating effects that will come later in the process, in addition to keeping the image visually flexible for an extended period. Drawing, values, and color will be integral, but the objective is not to achieve everything at once.

“This is not a course for those interested in ‘a premier coup’ painting. Those with some experience could gain something, and those who have just started oil painting might find this kind of investigation a beneficial starting point, especially if they have some drawing skills. Ultimately, this is a course for the curious.”

Please note that the entire workshop will take place indoors and the lighting will be artificial.

For a look at Charles Weed’s paintings, please visit his website.

Who: Charles Weed

Where: The Painting & Drawing Art Studio of Rome, Rome, (IT)

When: June 25, 2018 – June 28, 2018

Cost: €670

The Painting & Drawing Art Studio of Rome

Cost: €670

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