Zhaoming Wu: The Painterly Figure and Portrait

by Matthew Innis |


Figure and Portrait with Zhaoming Wu

Date: August 19-22, 2017

Cost: $780 plus model fee

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

In this workshop, Zhaoming will teach a traditional “painterly” technique of oil painting.  It will be applied to figure painting in an “alla prima” approach.  Emphasis will be placed on composition, color and understanding light on form.  It will include the process of producing appropriate values and edges to create mood and atmosphere. Students will be led into figure painting practice by observing Zhaoming’s demonstrations along with individual instruction, and critiques.

Zhaoming’s understanding of classical techniques and superb draftsmanship has enabled him to paint in a loose manner, developing his own concept and personal style.

His workshop is special and limited to just a very few throughout the year.

Who: Zhaoming Wu

Where: Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio, Langley, (WA)

When: August 19 – 22, 2017

Cost: $780 plus model fee



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