Iliya Mirochnik and Sean Forrester: From Idea to Image – Pictorial Composition

by Matthew Innis |

July 10 – 14 (Limit 10 students)
5 Days 9:30 to 4:30 (1 hour lunch)
Cost: $850
Instructors: Iliya Mirochnik and Sean Forrester

The fame of the painter and of his art is found in the following—the composition…”
– Leon Battista Alberti

Composition is the study of visual language. For an artist to communicate his or her ideas, familiarity with composition is indispensable. In this workshop, participants will explore the principles of line, value, and color through lectures and practical assignments. The course will study the paintings of the masters and apply the lessons learned through drawings and sketches, exploring the genres of still-life and multi-figure composition. This class is excellent for intermediate and advanced artists, but beginners are welcome.

The workshop will include lectures, in class critiques, and drawing or painting from the live models.  There will be homework for each class:  composition exercises based on 19th century examples.  Every student will receive ample one -on- one time with the instructor.  Whatever you skill level, now is the time to explore this fascinating subject.

Day 1 – Morning Intro Lecture Iliya and Sean (with Q&A) Afternoon  (Value Lecture) Still life exercise in line, and value

Day 2- Morning  Color lecture- Limited vs. Prismatic Palette, Harmony (analagous, triads, etc), color and emotion. Afternoon Still life studies in color based on color schemes from the masters)

Day 3- Morning  Line and Design,  Master Copies(Discuss in Class what students did at home) Afternoon 2 models with line and value

Day 4- Morning   Narrative Painting Lecture, Personal color choices of various masters Afternoon  2 models in costume in color

Day 5- Morning   Composition in 20th century Art,   2 models either color or value   Afternoon Continue with models. Finish with final critiques

Who: Iliya Mirochnik and Sean Forrester

Where: Academy of Realist Art, Boston (MA)

When: July 10 – 14, 2017

Cost: $850

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