Stephanie Deshpande: Alla Prima Floral Painting

by Stephanie |

Alla Prima Floral Painting

Day : Sunday

Date :20170813

Time : 10-1pm, 2-5pm

Instructor : Stephanie Deshpande

Sunday, August 13   10am-1pm, 2-5pm ( 1 hour break for lunch)

In this Alla Prima Floral Painting workshop, students learn how to capture the beauty of a floral arrangement in oil paint, in one sitting. Students will block in the composition directly on the canvas, measure main landmarks, and mass in large value areas. Deshpande will discuss the importance of comparing values, measuring, finding edges, and looking for color relationships. She will demonstrate the simple steps necessary to create a successful alla prima floral painting.

Flowers are supplied for this workshop. Students still need to bring the rest of their supplies.

For a supply list, click here

Who: Stephanie Deshpande

Where: The Teaching Studios of Art, Oyster Bay (NY)

When: August 13, 2017

Cost: $160

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