2017 The Art of the Portrait Conference – The 6 x 9 Collection

by Matthew Innis |

One of the most popular programs at the Art of the Portrait Conference is the 6×9 Limited Size, Unlimited Talent Mystery Art Sale.  In the auction, more than 100 works of approximately 6 x 9 inches in size are up for grabs at a fixed price of $250 each (some, especially the sculptures, do challenge the size parameters, but the prices remain the same low price).  Prospective buyers interested in a particular piece throw their name tags in a basket, and the winning entrant – chosen at random – is awarded the opportunity to purchase the artwork.  The authors of the works are not revealed until after the pieces are won, and it is always exciting for the buyer to turn their purchase over to find out which internationally-recognized artist’s work they just acquired at a ridiculously low price.  Proceeds from the sale go towards funding the Portrait Society of America’s Art of the Portrait Conference scholarships.

For 2017, over 120 artworks were donated to the Mystery Art Sale.

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