2018 6×9: “Limited Size, Unlimited Talent” Mystery Sale

by Matthew Innis |

Attendees previewing the 6×9 artworks before the sale.


The 6×9 “Limited Size, Unlimited Talent” sale at the The Art of the Portrait Conference has become one of the most highly anticipated programs at each year’s event.  In it, attendees at the Conference have the opportunity to purchase small panels painted and donated by some of today’s most widely appreciated artists (most of which were either nominees, finalists, or even winners of previous Portrait Society of America’s International Portrait Competitions).  The prices are fixed at $250, and if more than one person is interested in purchasing a particular work, the prospective buyers’ nametags are put in a basket, and the lucky collector’s name is chosen at random.  The creators behind the works are kept secret until the purchase is made, and buyers are often surprised by whose art they’ve just acquired.  Even though these dozens of paintings, drawings, and sketches are sold at a fraction of their gallery prices, the event raises a much-appreciated amount of funding that the Portrait Society of America uses to fund their scholarship programs.  It’s a win-win for the collectors and the Society alike.


Crowds gather hoping they win the lottery and get to purchase one of the donated works. Among the viewers you may see artists who contributed works of their own queueing up for a chance to acquire the work of one of their peers.


Below are pictures of many of this year’s contributions.  As the artists who make these works have busy schedules and donate their time and creativity to making these pieces, not everyone is able to get their artworks submitted on time.  Those who missed the deadline, but still donated their works, unfortunately did not have their pieces photographed or scanned by the Society.  If you don’t see a favorite work here that you remember from the sale (or maybe even the particular work you purchased), that is the reason.  I wish I could have included (and purchased) them all!


Sam Robinson

Lori Putnam

Paul Batch

Peter Campbell

Sandra Corpora

Sue Foell


Katherine Galbraith

Mark Gonzales

Hiroshi Sato

Hsin-Yao Tseng

Brooke Olivares

Judy Carducci

Lindy Bruggnik

Marta Crawford

Irene Bailey

Jason Sacran

Ricky Mujica

Jack Pardue

Theodora Capat

Judy Takacs

Linda Kollacks

William Schneider

Matteo Caloiaro

Mary Buckman

Karen Bradley

Jason B Bouldin

Hodges Solieau

Lorena Salim

Shana Levenson

Adam Clauge

Carol Arnold

Michael Klein

Weilie Wu

Lisa Kovvuri

Adra Brown

Tracy Ference

Kyle Stuckey

Lihuai He

Frankie Johnson

Caleb O’Connor

Mark Goodman

Laura Clark Heard

Allan Banks

Vasudeo Kamath

Luana Luconi Winner

Joke Frima

John Michael Carter

Melinda Whitmore

Todd Casey

Daniel Murri

TJ Cunningham

Ann Kraft Walker

Jacqui Grantford

Connie Erickson

Juan Martinez

Michelle Anderson

Chris Saper

Anna Rose Bain

Kelly Birkenruth

John Seibels Walkers

David McLeod

Jeremy Manyik

Mike Wimmer

Alexandra Tyng

Bianca Berends

Linda Tracey Brandon

Taaron Parsons

Nick Alm

Mark Chatov

Michael Devore

Holly Metzger

Alicia Ponzio

Aron Belka

Bart Lindstrom

William Bartlett

Sivananda Nyayapathi

Katherine McNenly

Aimee Erickson

Robert Barrett

James Tennison

Marina Dieul

Sookyi Lee

Laurie Stevens

Lynn Sangue dolce

Iliya Mirochnik

Olga Nielsen

Carlos Lopez

Romel de la Torre

Mary Muller

Ann Kenyon

Raymond Thorton

Kerry Vosler

McGarren Flack

Olga Krimon

Ardith Starostka

Joseph Noorigan

Mardie Rees

Johanna Harmon

Paul Keysar

Joseph Daily

William Chambers

Rodney Thompson

Mary Sauer

Joe Remillard

Sam Knecht

Burton Silverman

Rich Nelson

Jian Wu

Catherine Mills

Gavin Glakas

Lea Wight

Susan Wakeen

Heidi Darley

Jennifer Balkan

Sandra Wakeen

Karen Offutt

Natalie Italiano

Jennifer Welty

Rick Casali

Patricia Rice

Sandra Kuck

Dawn Whitelaw

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    Helen Avalon

    These are such gems! Does anyone know of a source for ready-made 6×9″ frames to put them in should we be lucky enough to get one?

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