Samagundi Club Seeks to Finish Library Renovation

by Matthew Innis |

The Salmagundi Club Library after two years of loving attention from the Library Committee.

In honor of the Salmagundi Club’s sesquicentennial, members of the prestigious art organization have spent the past two years bringing the club’s beautiful library back to the height of its former glory. Almost all of the work is now done, and there is still room in the budget to restore several more books in the collection, as well as to make a few other enhancements. Unfortunately, there is still one area that needs attention and currently, it is beyond what the Library Committee can address: that area is the pair of windows on the east side of the room.


Current industrial windows in the library.

As it is clear to see from the photos, the windows now in place are utilitarian and rather industrial, and don’t fit the aesthetics of the library nor of the club’s historic brownstone building. What the Library Committee would like to do is to replace these current drab versions with leaded glass windows incorporating the club’s logo. Such custom windows are not inexpensive unfortunately, and estimates for the replacement of the pair have reached $20,000.


The proposed design of the new library windows.

The good news is that the Library Committee has already raised over half the amount needed through donations, but they still need help to achieve their final goal. Their hope is to have the remaining funds available by September 1st so that the windows can be installed and ready for unveiling at the Library Dinner in November.

Please help bring this plan to fruition by donating to the club’s Library Fund. Any amount is appreciated and can make the difference in attaining the club’s vision for this beautiful room. Donors will receive recognition on an engraved plate which will later be installed by the finished windows.

For more information, please contact Alexander Katlan, Chairman of the Salmagundi Club of New York’s Library Committee at 718-445-7458.


To write a check to Salmagundi Club
Mail to: Salmagundi, 47 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10003
Mark in comment section of check: FOR LIBRARY FUND
To contribute by credit card click on the link below.
Please make sure to indicate in the note section “FOR LIBRARY FUND”


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    Thank you, Matthew. The Salmagundi Club is celebrating its 150th anniversary and leaded glass windows celebrates that. The Library appreciates
    your kindness in letting the membership of Underpaintings Magazine know of this and we welcome all artists to the Club

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