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by Matthew Innis |

Safari’s Reader View is accessed by clicking on the “hamburger” in the left-hand side of the URL address bar.

Posts in the new Underpaintings website are enabled with Reader View, a feature which allows readers to enlarge the text of an article with just a few simple clicks.  Once enacted, the article opens in a new window with black text against a white background.  This new text is already larger than that in the original post, but should this new text still be too small, an additional click automatically increases the font size again.

In Safari, Apple’s native browser, Reader View is opened by clicking on the “hamburger” in the left hand side of the URL address bar.  To enlarge the text once the Reader View is open, click on the text symbol (AA)in the right hand side of the address bar.  Clicking on the “hamburger” a second time closes this new reader window.

Safari and Firefox have this reader view built in, while other browsers such as Chrome and Opera have this option available through plugins.  Be sure to search to find what is best for your system.


Safari’s Reader View


And don’t forget, all readers can now add their own events to the “What’s on View” and “Workshops” sections of the site by scrolling to the bottom of each of those pages, and clicking on the “Add Your Event” button.  I can’t wit to see your discoveries!



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