Andi Soto: Halcyon

by Matthew Innis |


Haven Gallery is pleased to present “Halcyon”, a solo exhibition of new work by Panama based artist Andi Soto. “Halcyon” is Soto’s first solo show with the gallery and will include twelve new works on paper that feature the artist’s highly detailed, mixed media works that focus on the female form synthesizing with elements of growth and decay. Soto’s meticulously rendered drawings are a combination of ink, graphite, colored pencils and markers that work together to form cascading lines of infinite strands of hair merged with delicate shading and blossoms bursting with color that embody what is past, present and to come all in the cycles of existence.



“The Halcyon days of creation are meant to be seen and wondered with nostalgia. Between constant day-dreaming and contemplation, my illustration work is the result of an introspection, a way to examine the world, lurking in the vast realm of the unconscious and the emotional response to darkness.” – Andi Soto


Where: Haven Gallery, Northport (NY)

When: January 13 – February 18, 2018

Haven Gallery

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