Carlo Russo: Floral Painting

by Matthew Innis |

In this 4 day class will focus on painting the floral still life in oils. Florals can be a daunting subject and we will try to make sense of the the beautiful forms which have fascinated and frustrated artists for centuries. Since flowers and plants tend to move from day to day and even hour to hour the students will draw and paint directly on the canvas with the brush only. The focus will be on capturing the essentials of the still life and finishing areas wet in to wet. I will give frequent demonstrations and critique as we explore the unique nature of flowers and plants in paint.

Day 1- Slide lecture, Demo, students will use the rest of the day to do flower studies
Day 2- Demo, Arrange floral arrangement and begin floral painting,
Day 3- Demo, Continue work on painting
Day 4- Demo, Finish painting

Who: Carlo Russo

Where: Academy of Realist Art, Boston (MA)

When: July 24 – 27, 2017


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