Charles Muench: High Sierra Painting In Hope Valley

by Matthew Innis |


June 12th – 14th Hope Valley, CA.
Three Day Workshop – Oil
All levels welcome
June 12th – 14th (with an orientation meeting the evening of June 11th)

“When I paint outdoors, I liken the experience to having a conversation with Nature. It is as if she throws out a topic and we discuss it on canvas. I am listening to the thoughts of Nature and, almost subconsciously, heightening some aspects of our conversation while eliminating others.”

The process of creating paintings requires an understanding of basic principles and diligent practice. It also requires a sensitivity to hear the quiet murmurs and revelations of Nature. In searching for paintings, grasping at the stream of experience will leave you with nothing but empty fists. Taking the time to use cupped hands to draw the water of true inspiration is the best method. This workshop will cover aspects developing an outdoor painting from life in Scenic Hope Valley. I believe in making the most of each day. We will spend a lot of time painting together, exchanging ideas, and listening to the landscape. Teaching is not a one way road. Throughout the workshop, topics will include: drawing, composition, paint application, color, edge quality, types of light, planes, color temperature, and more.

I highly recommend you read “Carlson’s Guide to Landscape Painting” by John F. Carlson before attending this class.

“I believe to create good paintings and develop as an artist it is essential that you listen to Nature. The result of this dialog is a distillation of everything that is before you into a statement of heightened reality. Through a contemplative interaction with your subject, you create something that is truly independent of yourself and Nature- art.”

Who: Charles Muench

Where: High Sierras, Hope Valley (CA)

When: June 12 – 14, 2017

Cost: $450.00

Cost: $450.00

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