Hollis Dunlap: Learn to Paint Alla Prima

by Matthew Innis |


Hollis Dunlap Workshop
Learn to paint alla prima

Students: 12 minimum – 18 maximum
Price: Starting at 1.595€
Includes: Full accommodation, breakfast, lunch & dinner
Days: 5 days workshop, 7 days in residency
Workshop Dates: Reception October 1st. Workshop 2nd – 6th October. Check out October 7th (2018)
Time: 9AM-6PM, includes 2 hours lunch break & coffee
Language: English
Location: Son Triay, Menorca (Spain)
Models: Two models at a time every session
Status: 🤩 OPEN TUITION 🤩



…We suggest:
✓ Taking notes — Bring a notebook, have as many coffees as you need and take notes during the class as if your life depended on it. Your notes are a treasure you’ll want to read again once you’re back to the real world.

✓ Don’t be afraid to ask — Hollis Dunlap is there for you, if something was not clear enough for you or if you need further details, don’t hesitate and get the most out of this opportunity of learning from one of the best ones.



✓ Make yourself a favor and take it easy — You’ll be painting exercises in class, not artworks. If you accept this from the very beginning everything will run smooth and you’ll get the best out of the workshop. These workshops goal is not taking a bunch of beautiful paintings back home. Hollis Dunlap’s goal is to deeply transform your way of observing and thinking.

✓ Think in mid-range goals — Keep in mind that this intensive 5 days workshop is a medicine that takes a few months to fully develop its effects, you’ll need time to assimilate everything properly and notice the improvement. Our motto says that if a workshop doesn’t transform you, it’s not a good workshop.



You’d better start thinking what you’ll ask Hollis Dunlap!
This is the Hollis Dunlap workshop, but the core of it all is outside the studio. You will stay at the same house as Hollis Dunlap. During lunch, soirees, at the gardens, at the swimming pool… we’ll be talking about painting aaaaall the time.

Of course, we want you to take the most out of Hollis Dunlap and make them your own questions about the creative process, their philosophy, about artistic creation and about a lot more of interesting matters.

So, what are you interested in knowing, beyond the painting workshop?


Who: Hollis Dunlap

Where: Menorca Pulsar, Island of Menorca (ES)

When: October 1 – 7, 2018

Cost: 1595.00 €

Menorca Pulsar, Son Triay House Art Retreat

Cost: 1595.00 €

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