Koo Schadler: Egg Tempera Painting II

by Aleksandr Zolotarevskiy |


Egg Tempera Painting II

Date: October 29 – November 2, 2017

            5 Day Workshop

Cost: $690 plus $70 materials fee (this includes a true gesso panel, all pigments, handouts, images to work from and studio supplies).

Skill Level: All levels

Old as the Egyptians and most famous during the Renaissance, egg tempera painting is becoming increasingly popular with artists today.  Tempera has unsurpassed luminosity.  Dozens of glazes and scumbles can be applied in a day and yet the medium also allows for meticulous linear detailing.

This comprehensive five-day workshop, taught by an internationally recognized tempera painter, offers the opportunity for in-depth work in egg tempera: students will spend five full days working on a painting of their own design.  Koo will help with the initial planning stages, provide on-going discussion and critiques, give painting demonstrations and discuss the important design elements of old master paintings.

Demonstrations presented in this workshop include:  painting a portrait in egg tempera, creating granite, marble and other textured surface; decorative and geometric patterns; incised lettering; oil glazing over tempera; and more.

Open to all levels of painters, from beginner to advanced.  A demonstration on the essentials of working in egg tempera will be provided for beginning students.

Who: Koo Schadler

Where: Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio, Langley, (WA)

When: October 29 – November 2, 2017

Cost: $690 plus $70 materials fee


Cost: $690 plus $70 materials fee


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