Michael John Angel 8-Day Masterclass in Belfast

by Matthew Innis |

In this newly designed workshop, maestro Michael John Angel will  concentrate on working from the general-to-the-specific: guiding students through several small sketches (such as those above) from a 3-value plan to a roughly-painted colour ‘finish’. The course begins with a few basic exercises and includes various demonstrations in proportion, gesture, under-drawing and oil-painting materials. The subjects for these (which will be supplied by Mr Angel) will be varied and include figure, portrait and landscape. We will also produce a simple rendering of a figure from a drawing (see example below).

Once these are completed, students will move on to their larger oil painting in full colour (of the option you have selected from those listed above) using the techniques we have been learning. Throughout the workshop Mr Angel gives painting demonstrations that clarify each stage of the painting process. This will include the glazing process, which we will study in the exercise below.

Students will also receive various pdf handouts, with illustrations, that encapsulate the methods of painting and drawing in a realistic manner. Other pdf handouts will explain the different grounds, materials and mediums used in oil painting and describe the various layers used in a 19th-century underpainting-overpainting oil technique. Mr Angel will be painting much of the time in the studio, which gives students the fantastic experience of understanding brush handling, paint mixing and so on, by watching as well as listening. Demonstration pieces will be available to purchase at the end of the workshop.
The daily routine is as follows: days 1-4  (Sunday – Wednesday) studio 10am-5pm. Thursday is a day off. Days 5- 8 (Friday – Monday, studio 10am-5pm. NB: Studio will be open from 9.15am to allow preparation time.
(If students wish to have access to the studio on Thursday, we can discuss that during the early part of the course, but students will need a break in order to complete the eight days).
Mr Angel is highly regarded as one of the foremost figurative painters, and his paintings and portraits hang in both public and private collections worldwide. For the last 20 years, he has been the Director of Studies and senior instructor at the Angel Academy of Art, Florence.

Mr Angel has taught workshops in Florence, in Toronto and at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. He also lectures at the Florentine campuses of several American universities and at various private schools in Rome and in North America. From 1982 to 1988 he was the Director of the National Portrait Academy in Toronto, Canada, and from 1992 to 1995 the Assistant Director of the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. As an ARC living master, Mr Angel is considered one of the most inspiring and successful teachers in classical and traditional art today.

A short biography can be found at www.angelartschool.com/mja.html. He is listed in the Art Renewal Center’s Living Masters gallery and is one of the ARC’s Board of Judges. As well as judging the ARC’s Annual International Salon, he is a judge on several other national and international painting juries, such as the Collection Beaux-Arts Réaliste, IlluxCon, and the Portrait Society of Canada.

Further Workshop Details:
The workshop includes 42 hours tuition. Class runs from 10am-5pm daily (see above for the day off) with a 1-hour lunch break.
Individual and group critiques
Painting demonstrations by Mr Angel
Discussions on materials and techniques
COST: £1280 to include instruction, tea/coffee and some materials.
A list of materials (paint and brushes) will be sent upon booking a place.
Terms & Conditions:
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your place. Full payment must be received by 1st July 2017, and if that time has passed, payment in full is due upon booking. 
Minimum number of students is 10.

Not included:
Accommodation and flights, transport and all other personal costs.  Fees are non refundable unless the course is cancelled for any reason. 
If traveling, it is recommended that you take out insurance to cover costs in the unlikely event of cancellation etc. 
If necessary, we reserve the right to replace the tutor in an emergency.

Details of accommodation near the studio will be provided upon booking. 

For booking information and all enquiries please email julie@juliedouglas.co.uk 

Belfast is a vibrant city with a warm friendly atmosphere. If you are traveling for this course, you will find lots of things in the city to enjoy in the days before or after the workshop. 


Who: Michael John Angel

Where: Belfast Atelier of Realist Art, Belfast, (IRE)

When: August 19 – 27, 2018

Cost: £1280

Julie Douglas, contact

Cost: £1280


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