Sean Cheetham Workshop: Learn to Paint Alla Prima Portraits

by Carles Gomila |

Sean will teach you the methods and concepts he himself uses in his personal work, clarifying every principle while he makes three hours live demo every morning. Afterward, in the afternoon, you’ll have your chance to show your best and practice what you learned, while he corrects your work.

If you’re a hard-working student and have a solid drawing and oil painting knowledge, you’ll get to organize your palette better and make more precise mixes. If you’re more like a rookie Sean will give you a boost and you’ll notice a huge change; but, don’t forget to keep on working on your class notes and practice the method for some time in order to settle all those new ideas properly.

Sean will change the way you see the model and the way you use your palette. So take a deep breath and keep in mind that you’ll leave behind some old bad habits. So cheer up, it’s for your own good!

«I use a very specific palette when painting alla prima portraits. I call it “mud-palette”. We’ll talk deeply about it at this workshop, and about its benefits as for value and color control. » —Sean Cheetham

Very briefly, you’ll get this knowledge at this workshop:
✓ You’ll learn how to organize your palette and how to use his famous mud-palette.

✓ You’ll practice advanced ideas on harmony, synthesis, and unity.

✓ And you’ll learn how to limit the values and to understand the importance of edges.

Follow the link and download the program and supply list (PDF)

Who: Sean Cheetham

Where: Menorca Pulsar, Island of Menorca (ES)

When: October 8, 2018 - October 14, 2018

Cost: 1595.00 € and up

Menorca Pulsar

Cost: 1595.00 € and up

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